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Me-Made May 2016

May 31, 2016

I finished Me Made May 2016–a month of wearing garments made by myself, either sewn, crocheted, or refashioned somehow. It was fun, and not a particular stretch to wear 30 different handmade garments. I might could have gone another week, though it would have involved wearing some fancy dresses and older things.
Click here for a closer look: MeMadeMay2016

Towel Day Memory

May 26, 2016

When I was sixteen (the same age my daughter is now), I wrote a letter to Douglas Adams. And he wrote back. Happy Towel Day! (This is a scan of a copy of the letter; I can’t find the original. I also can’t find the original postcard I got from Isaac Asimov the same year. I’m sure they’re together somewhere, very safe.)

Transcript: Dear Penny Richards: Thank you very much for your letter about The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’m very glad that you enjoyed it so much. I just make up names like Zaphod Beebblebrox from out of my heads. You may be interested to know that there is a third and last book of the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy coming out in September, published by Crown Books called Life, The Universe, and Everything. I hope you enjoy that too. I don’t know of any Hitch-hiker fan clubs in the US, but a science fiction bookshop, such as Forbidden Planet in New York, or a Change of Hobbit in L.A., should be able to tell you. There is a six episode TV version of Hitch Hiker which was made here in England a couple of years ago, and I believe that this is starting to sell in a few areas in the States now, for showing on the PBS channel. best wishes, Douglas Adams

Yarnbombing at Descanso Gardens

May 9, 2016

For my Mother’s Day this year, I yarnbombed a pillar at Descanso Gardens–by permission, part of a bigger installation by Yarn Bombing Los Angeles–we were doing pillars, benches, overhead structures, etc. at the entrance of the gardens. It was fun to hear reactions from the folks leaving today.

I worked on this a lot on spring break, when we took a road trip…


…to the Grand Canyon.