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April 15, 2019

From January to April this spring, Jake and I did a #30MuseumsIn90Days challenge. (It’s not a pre-existing challenge that I know of; it just seemed like a good number for a fun series.) We live in the South Bay and I don’t love driving, so most of our outings were nearby, but some were farther away, when we could recruit Peter to drive. We also got three museums in during a spring break trip to Santa Barbara. We skipped LACMA, the Huntington, the main Getty, the Tar Pits, etc., because we wanted to focus on lesser-known (and usually free) places whenever possible.
Here’s the list:
1.  Torrance Art Museum (Torrance)
2. Western Museum of Flight (Torrance)
3. Redondo Beach Historical Museum (Redondo Beach)
4. Flight Path Museum (LAX)
5. Torrance Historical Society Museum (Torrance)
6. El Camino College Art Gallery (Torrance)
7. California Science Center (Los Angeles)
8. California African American Museum (Los Angeles)
9. Museum of Latin American Art (Long Beach)
10. Pasadena Museum of History (Pasadena)
11.Hawthorne Historical Museum (Hawthorne)
12. Manhattan Beach Art Center (Manhattan Beach)
13. El Segundo Museum of Art (El Segundo)
14. Palos Verdes Art Center (Rancho Palos Verdes)
15. Getty Villa (Malibu)
16. Drum Barracks Civil War Museum (Wilmington)
17. Banning House Visitors Center (Wilmington)*
18. Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis (Westchester)
19. Museum of Ventura County (Ventura)
20. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (Santa Barbara)
21. Santa Barbara Museum of Art (Santa Barbara)
22. Laband Art Gallery at LMU (Westchester)
23. Automobile Driving Museum (El Segundo)
24. Madrona Marsh Nature Center (Torrance)
25. Fort MacArthur (San Pedro)
26. Korean Bell of Friendship (San Pedro)
27. Manhattan Beach Cottage Museum (Manhattan Beach)
28. Wende Museum (Culver City)
29. Petersen Automotive Museum (Los Angeles)
30. Craft Contemporary (Los Angeles)

*The Banning House itself is not wheelchair accessible. So we only visited the Visitors’ Center, which had a small exhibit on antique fans.

We took pictures everywhere, of course, and they’re all on instagram if you’re curious. Here’s one of my favorites, though, at the gorgeous Getty Villa:

Our Alphabetical Tour of South Bay Cafes

November 9, 2018

This autumn, Jake and I took an alphabetical tour of places to eat in the South Bay. We only ate at accessible places (yes, in 2018 there are still quite a few restaurants that are not wheelchair accessible), open when we were ready to eat (which can be a little random for us), with something on the menu for Jake (usually dessert or breakfast items), and that were friendly (we didn’t feel uncomfortable staying to have a quick bite). At each place, we took a photograph of Jake with the restaurant’s name or logo, and a photograph of the food he enjoyed there.

We used Yelp to find places for each letter, and checked out parking and entrances on Google Streetview to avoid any confusion. We tried to prefer places we hadn’t visited before, and if we had a choice, we preferred Torrance, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Gardena, Lawndale, over Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach. Today was out last stop! Photos below. We visited a lot of interesting places, met a lot of hardworking people, had some delicious food, and generally enjoyed ourselves enormously. I will never drive past a strip mall without taking a second look at the hidden possibilities. I will definitely return to many of the new-to-me gems for another meal.

A is for Amandine Patisserie Cafe (Gardena)
B is for La Bella Napoli (Torrance)
C is for Corner Joint (Lawndale)
D is for Desserts by Patrick (Redondo Beach)
E is for Eat at Rudy’s (Torrance)
F is for Four Brothers Burger Grill (Redondo Beach)
G is for Green Temple (Redondo Beach)
H is for Happy Veggie (Redondo Beach)
I is for It’s Boba Time (Gardena)
J is for Jon’s Doughnuts (Torrance)
K is for Klatch Coffee (Redondo Beach)
L is for Leo’s Mexican Food (Lawndale)
M is for Manila Wok (Lawndale)
N is for Nagomi Cake House (Gardena)
O is for Oh My Burger (Gardena)
P is for Pie Pie Pie (Redondo Beach)
Q is for Queen Bee’s Catering (Gardena)
R is for Roman Aroma (Redondo Beach)
S is for Sacks in the City (Redondo Beach)
T is for Torrance Bakery (Gardena)
U is for Upper Deck (Redondo Beach)
V is for Village Pizza (Redondo Beach)
W is for Wanna Chill? (Redondo Beach)
X is for exEat (well, kinda) (Gardena)

And our last stops:
Y is for Yorgos Burgers (Gardena)
Z is for Zacatecas Mexican Restaurant (Hawthorne) CA8B088E-0562-42AA-A048-3802FB2DCF97