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Raiders of the Lost TV Remote

May 23, 2008

I was the first one in line to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in Scranton back in 1981 –I was 15 and riding public transit by myself, transferred buses downtown and up the highway to the Viewmont Mall cinema, hours before the box office opened. I even remember that I was wearing red overalls, for some reason. I met two other newly minted ninth-grade graduates there, Denise and Ruthie; we had a ball in line, then sat together in the theatre, and I stayed friends with them both through high school (we were at different schools). And MTV hadn’t quite debuted yet, and nobody had a VCR yet, and a matinee movie ticket was less than $5, so we went to see movies a lot. So I have very happy fuzzy feelings about that first movie, because… because I was 15, and it was summer, and I met some friends.

Have fun this weekend, kids. I’m sure it’ll be good; but it won’t be like 27 years ago.