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“You couldn’t stand to spend a weekend there”

August 25, 2009

Consider this “My Appalling Birthplace:  Seventh in an Infinite Series.”

This clip is old, it’s from the campaign last fall.  But we actually saw it last Sunday on a rerun special.  We happened to be at the end of a WEEKEND IN SCRANTON, in horrible hot sticky weather, in a hotel room that smelled like old fried food was being stored under the beds.  When he says the line, “You couldn’t stand to spend a weekend there!” (when there’s about 5:45 left in the clip) well… it was a real highlight of our trip, to see the Scranton tirade IN Scranton.

Chalk Art Festival

August 23, 2009

Taken by a Stranger, originally uploaded by pennylrichardsca.

We participated in the Chalk Art Festival at Redondo Pier again today, because we had so much fun last year. We had fun again this year! Didn’t win anything this time, but our square seemed to be a favorite of the little kids, which is pretty sweet too. The theme of the festival this year was “Dol-Fun,” which is why we ended up doing a dolphin in a ballpit with a party hat. But Nell insisted we do an Amazon River Dolphin, because she liked their long snouts and that they’re sometimes pink.