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Recent projects, June

June 16, 2009

Recent projects, June, originally uploaded by pennylrichardsca.

This looks sparser than other monthly mosaics, but one reason is that my camera’s acting up–so, some projects didn’t get photographed, like the 27 bottle-cap pendants I made for the Hands on Art docents at Lincoln (wearing one of those right now, in fact). Or the Mother’s Day cards I mailed without scanning. But the stuff I did photograph was all good fun too!

In blogging news, I set up a new blog/website for South Bay Hands on Art, which I’ll be co-chairing next year.  And I’ve joined the team at Indicommons, which is a blog about the Flickr Commons crowdsourcing project I’m obviously (and happily) addicted to.  My first post is about using Commons images to make simple greeting cards.  Thinking about making the next crafty demo post about freezer-paper stencils…. hmmmmm…..  I know, because I need to be juggling six or seven blogs right now.  Sure I do.