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Social Media Milestones

September 29, 2009

A few modest milestones I’ve recently hit elsewhere online:

1.  Three of my Flickr Galleries have had over 20 comments–pretty cool for a feature that’s only been public for a couple weeks.   Galleries allows you to curate a collection up to 18 Flickr images, but none of them your own.  My most popular Galleries so far are “I Am Superman” (over 2100 views, 28 comments), “Moleskinerie” (about 1200 views, 32 comments), and “Art in the Cemetery” (just over 1000 views, 20 comments).  Weird combination of topics to be the top of the list, isn’t it?

2.  I just hit 100 listeners on is kinda like twitter, but with music–so it’s crowdsourced online radio, kinda?  You can just set up your own playlist; but the fun part is subscribing to a bunch of other DJs’ playlists, and seeing the mix that falls out, and the commentary and interplay (you can also reblip, and give props).  Completely works for me and my fondness for the random mix.   Anyway, I’m pennamite on, too, if you’re curious.

3.  I hit ten sales on Etsy last week.   I’ve sold more than ten purses, but some of them never made it to Etsy–they were custom orders or they just sold before I got a chance to list them.   Is Etsy “social media”?  Well, it is in the sense that you can make it social, with favorites and treasuries and chat and such.

Slapende vrouw in strandstoel / Sleeping woman in beach chair

September 15, 2009

Slapende vrouw in strandstoel / Sleeping woman in beach chair, originally uploaded by Nationaal Archief.

This would be me, if I ever went to the beach. Black layers and sturdy shoes and all. (I might go more often if these nifty wicker beach chairs were still waiting.)