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October 30, 2008

I love that sound around 11am, when little boxes get delivered by the postal carrier to my doorstep.  Today’s little box held three copies of a new book I’ve got a chapter in.  Very nice-looking paperbacks, all shiny, good size and shape, nifty cover illustration (see at left)–yup, I’m in there, chapter 15.  Cool.

My segment is about disability history archives and museums online (adapted from an article I wrote a few years back for a special issue of Public Historian), but the other chapters are really diverse, with fun titles like “Collecting Eyewear on eBay,” “Tales from the Thrift,” and “I Want my MP3s.”   I’m really looking forward to checking some of them out.

Today, tomorrow, the day after that

May 8, 2008

Busy busy.  Some links.

Today:  Making tin tiles ala Oaxaca at Hands on Art docent workshop.

Tomorrow:  All day meeting in La Jolla.

Saturday:  Moderating a panel at the Huntington Library.

Sunday–Mothers’ Day AND our 17th wedding anniversary.   We’re old.