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Halloween 2014: Crafty wrap-up

November 8, 2014

We had a good Halloween this year, even with a football game and some (welcome) rain.  I did a lot of crocheting, and some other crafty stuff, and even made a raggedy stop-motion video.


I got a call from a friend–can you make hats for Halloween? (She asked in September, so I said yes.  Don’t ask in October.)  How about four hats, all looking like the Count from Sesame Street?  Sure, I can do that… right?  It took three tries to get a workable design, but then it went pretty quickly.  I only have three “heads” for simultaneous modeling, but trust me there were four total.
Three crocheted Count von Count hats
After the paid job was done and delivered to happy preschoolers (who apparently slept in their “Count Hats” the first night they had them), I turned to hats for my daughter and her friend, who wanted to be Thor and Loki.  These were pretty fun to make; metallic yarns can be annoying to work with, but helmets like these really need some metal.
Crocheted Thor and Loki hats
The third crochet Halloween thing was already done in time to start appearing on October 1:  our yard had an “infestation” of thirteen large colorful crocheted creatures who changed position each day.  They started appearing on October 1; this photo was taken on October 7, when there were seven creatures in place.
Infestation, Day 7

Other crafting:

This is son’s second year using a regular boxy wheelchair with big wheels (before that he used a Convaid stroller–smaller wheels, more triangular in profile).  The Kogi truck last year was easy and fun to make, and I decided to try something a little more complicated this year.  He loves big clear bowls–tupperware, salad bowls, that sort of thing.  So we built a cardboard costume around a big plastic salad bowl (cheap at Party City, but sturdy enough, and I didn’t have to damage it to make the costume–it’s still perfectly usable for its original purpose).  It’s kind of a “steampunk submarine,” but leaning more to the whimsical than the mechanical.  Lots of duct tape and spray paint, and some random bottle caps, also some plastic bits from Trash for Teaching.  And there’s an Altoids tin, and bamboo skewers, and old wallpaper samples, and a WHOLE lotta brads.
Fantasy Steampunk Submarine Costume

Stop-motion Video:

I made a stop-motion video of the yard “infestation”–it’s pretty raggedy, but I’m happy with the results, and I learned how to use iMovie a little.  Music is by Psapp, “This Way,” mostly because I liked the sort of munching found-sound effect.