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Yarnbombing at Descanso Gardens

May 9, 2016

For my Mother’s Day this year, I yarnbombed a pillar at Descanso Gardens–by permission, part of a bigger installation by Yarn Bombing Los Angeles–we were doing pillars, benches, overhead structures, etc. at the entrance of the gardens. It was fun to hear reactions from the folks leaving today.

I worked on this a lot on spring break, when we took a road trip…


…to the Grand Canyon.

Crochet for Problem-solving

June 4, 2014

Our kitchen table needed covering–we don’t eat at it much, it mostly holds groceries and boxes and backpacks and such.  But we can’t use tablecloths, because a member of our household pulls them down, every time.  So, I was thinking, “fitted tablecloth”? Do they make such a thing?  And then… can I make such a thing?  I might have been able to sew a cover, but decided that it’s easier for me to crochet.  I used various fabric strips from Trash for Teaching (of course), so it worked up quickly, and the results are stretchy enough to hug the tabletop, and cushion it from any sharp corners. 

Yes, it does look like I yarnbombed my own kitchen, but that’s a bonus for me.  Speaking of which, there’s still time to go see Surroundings, the current installation by Yarn Bombing Los Angeles, at the Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center

Crochet in Code

February 17, 2014

I’m making a ring for the Yarn Bombing Los Angeles project “Put a Ring on It.”  While an engagement ring seems to be the reference intended — as in “if you like it, why don’t you marry it?” and bringing in the idea of “engagement” in community — I thought of a secret decoder ring, and about crocheting in Morse code.


According to this Morse code translator, “put a ring on it” is .–. ..- – / .- / .-. .. -. –. / — -. / .. –

I made the dots red, the dashes aqua, and the spaces (slashes) dark green:

.. ..– – / . / .. .. . . / — –. / ..

Each row is a symbol; so three dashes in a row are three aqua rows.
I made a swatch with thrifted acrylic DK yarn, 32 rows, 16 stitches per row; that’s enough for a ring that’s a little bigger than a bagel, and looks like a chunky bracelet.
I stuffed it with a plastic bag (which doesn’t add weight, and doesn’t mind a little rain).

Here’s the finished ring (and another ring made from the same code):IMG_4482

When I’ve made a few, I’ll place them in the community, and I’ll contribute photos to the Put a Ring on It Project.  Stay tuned.