What’s a Pennamite?

Oh–yeah, you might be wondering. It’s an 18c. word for a person from Pennsylvania. It’s usually found in the phrase “Pennamite-Yankee Wars,” about a series of battles between Pennsylvania and Connecticut over the Wyoming Valley, running from before the American Revolution to the 1790s. I wrote my 1990 master’s thesis (starting, uh, twenty years ago this spring) about the role of maps in recording and shaping the changing situation of Pennsylvania’s northern frontier during that era.

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One Response to “What’s a Pennamite?”

  1. anna apoian Says:

    Hi Penny,
    I wanted to see your website. I do not have a blog. Why do you like it?
    You have neat stuff on here. I liked the ads from utube.

    Nell is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!! Jake is quite handsome. And both their smiles are endearing. Jack is sitting here with me and wants to know if Jake can read and talk. Jack said he likes Jake.

    I am glad you are in the same district and found a church closer to home. That makes life so much easier. Lutheran’s have great potlucks don’t they???

    Well time to go. Thanks so much for sharing. (BTW – I couldn’t open their school pictures. School pics are something else aren’t they???!!!!)


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