31 Flavors of Summer 2019

This month Jake and I completed another self-imposed challenge: let’s eat ice cream in 31 different places during the summer (roughly, Memorial Day to Labor Day). And take pictures, of course. We did it! Full list with links below. To see all his pictures, you can check my instagram, or I made an album at ipernity.
Summer of Ice Cream 30.  Mashti Malone's

Our 31 Flavors of Summer, in chronological order:
1. Craigers at Manhattan Beach Farmers’ Market
2. Paciugo in Hermosa Beach
3. Creamistry in Redondo Beach
4. Menchie’s in Redondo Beach
5. Big Wok in Manhattan Beach (we were having dinner, Jake was having ice cream)
6. The Baked Bear in Hermosa Beach
7. Cafe Meli Mellow in Redondo Beach
8. Handel’s in Redondo Beach
9.   -8C in Gardena
10. Desserts by Patrick in Redondo Beach
11. Oko Cafe in Gardena
12. Dahlicious (aka, Carrissa’s Delicious Bakery) in Torrance
13. La Michoacana Superior in Inglewood
14. Pinkberry in El Segundo
15. Rori’s Artisanal Creamery in Long Beach
16. Silog in Torrance (a Filipino restaurant that sells halo-halo, a frozen dessert)
17. Rolling Zone Creamery in Lawndale
18. Kansha Creamery in Torrance
19. Swirl Soft Serve in Hawthorne
20. Gelato & Angels in Manhattan Beach
21. Cauldron in Torrance
22. Churro Buzz in Torrance (Our picture from this trip won us a free churro on Instagram)
23. Pitfire Pizza in Manhattan Beach (Nell and I won a sundae at trivia night; Jake came to help us eat it)
24. Afters in Long Beach
25. Bubble Waffle in Redondo Beach
26. Sweet Rice in Gardena
27. Roman Aroma in Redondo Beach
28. Somi-Somi in Torrance
29. Scoops in Torrance
30. Mashti Malone’s in Hollywood (Persian ice cream, amazing flavors)
31. Baskin-Robbins in Lawndale (of course we ended on 31 at Baskin-Robbins!)


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