Chalk at the Seawall

Chalk at the Seawall, originally uploaded by pennylrichardsca.

It’s really fun to chalk the seawall every April! I’d love if there were more frequent chalk events there. (I’d also love if parents didn’t let their kids smear my chalk drawings WHILE I’M STILL SITTING THERE. So rude!)  More pics of the day’s event are in this Flickr set.


2 Responses to “Chalk at the Seawall”

  1. BMGM Says:

    Excellent artwork.

    I cannot believe that people could allow their kids to be so rude. How many kids did it? How old were they?

  2. P Says:

    A couple stand out. One was probably a preschooler–went up to a panel and slapped it repeatedly with both hands. When I exclaimed, mostly from a place of surprise that someone was doing that, the mother shouted back at me, “She’s only a kid!” Right, I see that, but she has a mom…. The other kid was older, maybe seven or eight. He used his pointer finger to smear facial features on a panel, very deliberately. I hollered, and his father screamed at me, “You can’t talk to my kid like that!” Okay, good luck with that, sir.

    There were others who were warned away with my glare, or a spoken “please don’t do that.” Never had this happen before, and I’ve chalked the same event three years now. I’d make a “don’t touch” sign, but the parents who allow this probably wouldn’t heed a sign.

    It’s chalk art; it’s supposed to be ephemeral. People will be touching the panels all week, birds will leave droppings, the wind and seaspray will take their toll, and it’ll be gone in a week. I know that. But rudeness isn’t necessary.

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