Recent Favorites for Lisa’s Friday Photo Love

Recent Favorites for Lisa’s Friday Photo Love, originally uploaded by pennylrichardsca.

1. Alternative Loteria Tray, 2. Fietsers in het Vondelpark , 3. Portrait of a young woman, ca. 1856-1900, 4. August 2010, 5. Wine Red Cotton Stretch Velvet Collar, 6. Portrait of blind woman (wearing dark glasses) and child, 7. Spring Neck Cuff, 8. Caerlaverock Castle, 9. WAACs in France find German helmets useful substitutes for market bags, 10. My son with his new winterhat, 11. Creatures of the Deep Squid, 12. Harvest (Cinema 1913)

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Well, I need to participate in Lisa’s Friday Photo Love this week, because she featured an interview with me on Monday’s coffee chat. So it’s only fair.

Dark reds and turquoise-y blues seem to predominate in the color photos this week.  Should probably consider using those on the bag I’m making for myself this week (my current bag was made in January and still going strong, but I want something that zips shut).  I don’t know why the portrait of the blind woman and child turned up sideways–it’s not sideways at Flickr.

And here’s a photo from my camera, taken last night by my sidekick (er, daughter).  Our book group met, and welcomed a former member who has moved back east, but was visiting LA, and we planned the meeting date so she’d have a chance to attend.  Don’t know why it’s so fuzzy, but maybe that supports the anonymous aspirations of the pose.

Five women seated in a row, with books over their faces

Finally, while I’m here:  if you’re a woman I know (somehow) who is over 35, and you’ve never made a zine but you’d kinda like to try, consider joining a zine swap that I’m hosting.  I’ll send you details if you say the word in comments.


One Response to “Recent Favorites for Lisa’s Friday Photo Love”

  1. Lisa Clarke Says:

    I like how everyone is hiding behind their books 🙂

    You’ve got me zine-curious, but I’m not sure I have the time to devote. Would love more details.

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