Marimekko and IMDb

Yesterday was the first docent training workshop for this year’s Hands on Art program–the volunteer-led art education program in Redondo schools.  It was great fun–we made foam stamps and printed on canvas and talked about Finnish fabric design in the 1960s.  I’ll attach a photo of some of the docents’ works when I get the latest pics off my camera.

We’re mostly moms and grandmas (there are a very few dad volunteers).  We don’t live in a glamorous suburb of Los Angeles–no big-name sports legends at the PTA fundraisers (that’s Manhattan Beach, next door).  At the Lincoln School tables, we just have the usual Redondo mix of engineers and writers and former teachers and accountants and… movie actresses.

No, Angelina Jolie isn’t getting covered in tempera paint at Hands on Art (we could probably sell tickets to that).  People Magazine can send its paparazzi elsewhere.  But  Joanna‘s the bartender in “Dude Where’s My Car?”  Cat played a football player’s wife in “Any Given Sunday.”  When you see a movie, notice the people in those smaller roles.   Chances are, they go home and feed the cat, they have to find the kids’ backpacks and sign the teachers’ notes, and maybe, just maybe, they’re getting painty and teaching art to Kindergarteners.   Just because they’re cool like that.

(I’m just realizing the Angelina Jolie-tempera paint sentence may bring eager visitors here through the magic of Google.  Sorry to disappoint.)


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