The “Why I Should Be Vice President” meme

Found this meme at Heather Prescott’s Knitting Clio… but please, no write-in votes. I refuse to shave my legs for the inauguration, anyway.

1. Sparsely populated home state: Well, no–but Pennsylvania is a very good state for a VP to come from. Joe Biden and I are from the same town, in fact, so I’m giving myself credit here.

2. Foreign policy experience: I’ve been to Canada (Quebec), and Italy, and England and Scotland. That’s four more countries than Sarah Palin has visited, if you don’t count military bases.

3. Curious: I’m an independent scholar. I do research for absolutely no pay or glory. Put me down for a yes here.

4. The hair: I can pile up my brown hair into a messy ‘do just as well as Sarah can.

5. Age: 42.5. Close enough.

6. Economics: I did take an econ course once! (Did pretty bad in it, but it was required for a social studies teaching credential.) I pay the bills on time, and I’m an excellent thriftshopper.

7. Education: Yeah, too much and then some.

8. The Mommy thing: I win!  I’ve got two cute blonde kids, a boy and a girl, and one uses a wheelchair. When do I move into the White House?

9. Lipstick: Sure, I can do that. You want Crushed Rubies, Toasted Mocha, Fuschia, or what?

10. Personality: Probably closer to Cheney-surly than Palin-perky, but I can be civil for short periods of time.



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