Hockey Mom for Obama

Hockey Mom for Obama, originally uploaded by pennylrichardsca.

Be careful what you say in my earshot in coming weeks. If you’re a friend of mine in a Red or contested state, say, a friend named Lisa W., and you happen to express a desire for a “Hockey Mom for Obama” button, I’m not going to be able to resist the temptation to make you one, immediately, from modpodge and paper scraps. This is podged onto an old pin. And I have a lot of old pins. They are suddenly looking very naked.  And contributing to the Obama Craft Project is very addictive.

Added later the same day:  Couldn’t resist the urge for long–made three more buttons this morning.  And I’ve already given one away, at school.  More soon…. 😉

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4 Responses to “Hockey Mom for Obama”

  1. sewer-sewist Says:

    Now that’s hilarious! I’ll post it soon!


  2. Lisa Clarke Says:

    You know, I just stumbled across the Obama Craft Project last night, and I was all set to email you the link when I noticed you’d already found it! Don’t know why I was surprised 😉

  3. The Obama Craft Project · Super Crafty Obama Buttons Says:

    […] Read more on her blog. […]

  4. LisaWV Says:

    Penny, thank you so much for this! I wore it to a lecture on John Dee the English REnaissance mathematician/magician fellow, and everyone commented on it. Of course they enjoy rolling their eyes at the fact that I’m an actual, real-life Hockey Mama, but that was sort of fun for me, too. The snobs. I am wearing it everywhere but class (which is not actually forbidden, but I avoid inserting overt political content out of context when I’m teaching). That hasn’t stopped me from the occasional off the cuff Palin reference…

    I love, love, love the pin! Maybe I can convince a few of the folks down at the grocery store to vote Obama. Right now, this is a McCain “in the bag” state, which is inexplicable to me apart from knowing that it all comes down to racism. If Obama were not black, he’d be winning WV. I guess I have to change what I can where I can. Thanks for helping me do it!

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