Let California Ring

Well, California’s seldom in play for the presidential race, so we don’t get too many of those ads, but they’re usually kinda boring anyway. What we get instead are ads about the statewide propositions, and they can be more interesting. We’re loving this one, against Prop 8:

Same-sex marriage is legal right now in California (yeah!), and the polling looks good for it to stay legal after November (double yeah!), because folks are more likely to vote No on propositions than Yes, all things being equal. But I’ve heard there’s a Yes on 8 yardsign campaign coming September 22, so we’re ahead of the game–our “No on Prop 8” sign is already in the front window.


In other political news, someone at school today asked “where did you get that cute Obama t-shirt you were wearing the other day?” Uh, I made it. She looked disappointed, she was hoping to get one for her mom, so I said to bring me two old t-shirts and I’ll make one for her too. Maybe I should throw a shirt-making party? (When I was looking up that link, I found this reverse-applique Obama tote, with tutorial–cool!)

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One Response to “Let California Ring”

  1. craftylyra Says:

    You could sell those Obama t-shirts on Etsy–I would SO buy one!

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