No sleeveless blouse is safe now….

Crocheted cap sleeve, originally uploaded by pennylrichardsca.

I figured out how to add crochet sleeves to a blouse this week, see above. If school doesn’t start back soon, every single item of clothing in this house is going to be crocheted upon. Yes, everything. Even shoes are fair game, it seems….

I saw the school bus yesterday, testing its route. We’re getting close. My wrists may yet survive the summer (but bowling last night didn’t help).


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3 Responses to “No sleeveless blouse is safe now….”

  1. Lisa Clarke Says:

    Haha, coping through crochet, eh? Looks good from here!

  2. Seetha Krishnaswamy Says:

    It looks awesome…would like to know the pattern please. can you share it.

  3. pennylrichardsca Says:

    Thanks! I don’t really use patterns. I improvise. The trick with sleeves, for me, is doing the same thing twice, so they match.

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