Video: Promise and the Monster, “Sheets”

I have about 4000 songs on my iPod (not counting podcasts). They’re loosely organized into all kinds of playlists, but sometimes I just let all 4000 shuffle and run. I like the juxtapositions and the surprise. When I do that for long enough, I generally find a song or two that I don’t remember hearing before–something I probably picked up for free someplace like, in a batch of “hmm, let’s see what this sounds like” tracks, and then never quite paid attention to it again. This was one of those lost songs, until yesterday. Now it’s haunting me, and I keep replaying it. The singer (Billie Lindahl) is Swedish, but the lyrics are in English. (Visual description: black-and-white, closeups of singer’s head interspersed with images of her walking downstairs, outside, and near an old building–there’s an effect that makes all the light tones smear in vertical bars. Partway through, the singer is dripped upon by something dark, like paint; she spreads the paint around her face like a mask.)

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