It’s 5K time again….

Four out of the last six or seven falls, we’ve walked in the Shane’s Inspiration 5K for accessible playgrounds, at Griffith Park. It’s a fun Sunday morning, they put on a great day of music and booths and helpers and goodie bags and the works. We’re at it again. If you want to support the cause, this is our donations page, or I’m going to try and insert the widget version in my sidebar (haven’t quite figured out how to do that, yet).

If you’re local, better yet, join us!   The team name is “South Bay Strollers,” when the firstgiving site asks you.


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2 Responses to “It’s 5K time again….”

  1. craftylyra Says:

    Well, this is pretty crazy, but I wanted to let you know that I was born and raised in LA
    ( moved out to the east coast only a little over a year ago), and my mother grew up in Scranton. I just made the connection to California. Now it is just another reason to love your blog! If you meant to put a link to your donations page, btw, it didn’t show.

  2. Penny Says:

    How random is that? Well, your mother escaped, that’s the important thing. 😉

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll fix the link asap.

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