We missed it!

Just barely missed the earthquake today.  We left home at 11:40am, and we were on the 405 at 11:42 when the radio interviewer stopped in mid-sentence to say “We’re having an earthquake, Stewart” and spoke to the engineer about what they should do until it stopped (took about 15 seconds).   So we didn’t see or feel a thing, being on a major freeway–but we heard its effect in the KPCC studio.  Then we waited to hear where it was centered–because if it was a big one in, say, Santa Barbara, we wouldn’t want to be driving towards Santa Barbara, eh?  Pretty quickly they established that it was SE of Los Angeles, and that there was no damage in the city, and we never had to turn back.

We were both actually kinda disappointed–we like these big-jolt-no-damage quakes–they’re exactly what we need, to relieve pressure on the faults so the “big one” doesn’t have to be quite so big.  And it’s fun in a fire-drill way, to feel it at work or in a shop, around other people, all remembering again, oh yeah, humans live on moving plates…

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