Doppelganger alert, #4

I am also not the Penny Richards who serves as “National Blackberry Coordinator” for the Department of Primary Industries in Australia. “Her role is to coordinate implementation of the National Blackberry Strategy (2001) and to oversee cooperative approaches to blackberry management across Australia. She provides support to the National Blackberry Taskforce (NBT) as Executive Officer.”

Why does Australia have a National Blackberry Strategy to implement? Well, as the links above explain, some varieties of blackberries aren’t native to Australia, and are in fact classed as a weed (a delicious weed, but nonetheless). Cultivated, gardened exotic blackberries are nice, but when they grow wild, they’re a serious problem. “Blackberry thickets provide good homes to destructive feral pests such as wild pigs and foxes.”

But it’s a lovely job title, right?

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One Response to “Doppelganger alert, #4”

  1. Michele Says:

    I find it sad that I have no one with my name, maiden or married, at least that I can find via a Google search.

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