Thanks, Mrs. Cannon!

Crocheted hat, originally uploaded by pennylrichardsca.

I learned to crochet granny squares in Girl Scouts in the 1970s. Some thoughtful leader (probably Mrs. Echon) took the time to find a left-handed mom (Mrs. Cannon), who could teach the left-handed girls at a separate table. It’s maybe the most useful thing I ever learned in scouting, if you don’t count the chant for making a square knot. “Right over left and under, Left over right and under,” I whisper that every time I tie on a pendant.

But thirty years later, I was still just making granny squares–without further instruction, I never learned any other way to crochet. I’m not great at following diagrams or patterns, so books weren’t helpful.

Then I caught on to the wonder of YouTube instructions–video crochet, aha! I’m still not good at following instructions–the beret above was made by not-following instructions for a cloche hat–but I learned some new stitches and some new principles, and now I can make a hat, whee! (I should make a more colorful one next time–these are colors I like, from my stash of random yarns, but they don’t photograph well.)


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One Response to “Thanks, Mrs. Cannon!”

  1. Lisa Clarke Says:

    I love the hat – it has a vintagey look to it! Crochet and knitting are two things I just never got the hang of (or the patience for). Really nice 🙂

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