Our first cherry tomatoes

Our first cherry tomatoes, originally uploaded by pennylrichardsca.

Nell planted tomato seeds at a Brownie meeting in the spring. She brought them home in a cup, but we soon moved them to a pot in the window box, then to a bigger pot outside, as they got bigger. Now the first cherry tomatoes are ready to harvest!

Too bad she won’t actually eat tomatoes… but her parents and grandparents will, and maybe someday she’ll warm to the idea.



4 Responses to “Our first cherry tomatoes”

  1. The Purloined Letter Says:

    How perfect that the Brownies planted these adorable cherry tomatoes. (Incidentally, in my collection of people who are deaf in one ear is Juliette Low, founder of the Girl Scouts.)

  2. pennylrichardsca Says:

    Right! Because Girl Scouts in the US celebrate Low’s birthday and tell her story every year, she must be the second-most-famous Southern deaf woman (after HK, who’s the best-known everything, eh?).

    I wrote a blog entry about Low a few years back, and I think I wrote her entry for the upcoming encyclopedia–no kidding, I can’t always remember which ones I wrote and which ones I only worked on. When SB showed me the list of files for individual entries, there were some by me that I didn’t even recognize.

  3. Grace Says:

    So that’s what they were. Iris and I killed our seedling with neglect.

    We planted some tomato starts from south bay gardens and they started producing cherry tomatoes this week.

  4. pennylrichardsca Says:

    Grace! Ha! You found me through Wardrobe Refashion, I suspect? How funny. The world is very small–much like these cherry tomatoes.

    (Grace’s daughter Iris and my daughter Nell are in Brownies together.)

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