Doppelganger alert #1

The name “Penny Richards” is surprisingly common. This, for example, is not me:

Penny Richards, Review of Laurence Lux-Sterritt, Redefining Female Religious Life: French Ursulines and English Ladies in Seventeenth-Century Catholicism (Ashgate 2005), in French History 22(2008): 241-242.

That book review was written by an English historian named Penny Richards; because of her, I use my middle initial in most academic contexts. But it still catches me by surprise when I see new publications by her, listed in journal tables of contents.

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4 Responses to “Doppelganger alert #1”

  1. RST Says:

    Sure, Penny. You probably wrote those articles when you were wearing those glasses you forgot about. You’ve got a whole other life you just don’t remember about.

  2. The Purloined Letter Says:

    Wow! All I get is all the Hannahs playing junior high sports….

  3. Michele Says:

    Isn’t that your other personality? Cause you have so much time to be doing other things. šŸ™‚

  4. Grace Says:

    When I filed my PhD thesis with the U of Michigan microfiche archive, I discovered three Grace Pengs filed PhD theses in 18 months. We all use different middle initials. Oddly, I know a couple that knows all three of us. We are all roughly the same age and work in related technical fields.

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