Street flotsam collage pages

Pages from a mess-around journal, made entirely from “street flotsam” found yesterday afternoon in El Segundo.  The edges are cut off, but you get the idea.  All I added were adhesives, a little white paint, three staples, and the underlying journal (an old calendar which I already had, and which has other pages waiting to be arted up).

If you made pages like this for each town you frequent, would they reflect anything about the place, or the day you visited?


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4 Responses to “Street flotsam collage pages”

  1. The Purloined Letter Says:

    These pages are pretty amazing. You’ve definitely inspired me to try something like this.

  2. Featured! « Pennamite Says:

    […] Welcome visitors from the inaugural Carnival of Green Crafts!  Pennamite was linked for the “Street Flotsam Collage Pages” posted last month.    There are some amazing links in the carnival, especially the […]

  3. craftylyra Says:

    This is so so cool. Can I do a little write-up about this on my blog? I love the idea of travel flotsam too.

  4. pennylrichardsca Says:

    Sure, craftylyra! Have fun!

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