Gop Gop Gop

So it’s Friday again and that means I’m going to post a video. Morning Edition had a story about the upcoming Eurovision finals–so I’m featuring Verka Serduchka, the Ukrainian who took second place at the 2007 finals. Gop Gop Gop means “jump jump jump.” Beyond that you’re on your own:

[Visuals described: a long under-lit banquet table, with an array of grotesque wedding guests, often filmed with a fish-eye lens for further exaggeration. The characters are wearing pseudo-traditional Ukrainian wedding gear, including the main character, Serduchka, who’s in very unconvincing bridal drag; throughout the video, characters are drinking vodka, eating, embracing, kissing and eventually dancing on the table.]


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One Response to “Gop Gop Gop”

  1. promisesunshine Says:

    this gives me the shakes. 🙂

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